Monday, 1 September 2014

Partial die cut technique for Words - a photo tutorial (finally)

Some time ago I posted some photos of a few cards die cut with the great Little Letters Framelits so that the word stands up when the card is folded.
See Little Letters Thinlits, Love, Love, Love these (from July23).
It's a great effect and I was asked to create tutorial to explain it.
So Jacqueline I apologise for the delay but I have finally found some time to put this photo tutorial together. (I couldn't even contemplate creating a video).It is a picture -heavy post and I hope it is easy to understand, any questions please email me.

These are a few Christmas notecards that I had fun playing with  (they will be cute table place cards)

Begin by ruling a pencil line along the centre fold of your card base. Place the lower big shot plate on the cutting platform. Put the cardstock on the plate and then arrange the letters cutting side down with the base of the letter approx 3mm below the pencil line. Use a ruler or straight edge of cardboard to make sure they are in a straight line. The Magnetic platform for the Bigshot is a huge advantage for this technique.

Take a piece of Washi tape and remove some of the "sticky"ness by sticking it to some fabric a few times first (the leg of your jeans for example). Then place the 'not so sticky' washi tape over the letters to secure them in place. Have the straight edge of the tape running along the pencil line.

Layer the sandwich by placing the top big shot plate with the edge along the edge of the washi tape. This way when you run it through the big shot only the top part of the letter will be cut -the 3mm below the pencil line will remain intact.
edge of the top plate along the edge washi tape but not completely over the letters before running it through the big shot
Gently peel back the washi tape and remove the letters. It may be necessary to gently push out the cardstock letters using the small end of a scoring stylus. (a paper piercing tool will damage the cardstock)

Gently score the centre fold along the scoreline between the letters, do this from the front first so you can clearly see where to start and stop between letters. Then turn it over to the inside and score it  properly on the inside.(be careful not to go through the letters)
Inside before you score it, the letters are partially cut but the base of each letter is intact.
this has been scored from the front, now you need to reverse the score so that it fold the right way.

 Gently fold the card and stand the letters up. Then you are free to decorate as desired.
This si a birthday card for a 5 year old!
Folded so the letters are standing, ready to decorate.

View from reverse, letters may need a little gentle straightening with your bone folder

Just needs the number 5

With a matching envelope made to fit.

As I said in my earlier post (July23) It is a bit fiddly a probably not suited to a class unless they are very small classes and very proficient card makers. The letters are small and easy to lose and it is a bit fiddly, but I still think it is well worth the effort.
If you do make some of these I would love to see you creations, and I would love it if you could link your cards back to this blog.
Hope that helps, Liz


  1. Fabulous tutorial and project; TFS! :) Donna (SC)

    1. thanks so much Donna, glad you liked it, hope you are inspired to go ahead and make some too!


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